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Home to the Intelligence Corps and proud to host the historic Chicksands Priory, Chicksands has plenty to offer those Serivce Personnel and Families who live or work here

With so much going on in the local area and on site, it can be difficult to keep track, so we have designed this website to provide useful information and details that you may need in a quick and easy way.

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RRustics Cafe is operating a takeaway service via telephone orders only on 01462 75 2110. You will not be served if you attempt to make an order in person. Opening hours are

Mon to Thur 1000-1300

Fridays 0900-1130

Face masks are mandatory whilst visiting the Gilbertine Centre.



Families Briefs

First and Third Mondays of Each Month


Gilbertine Centre

Open to all families and service persons on site, hosted by the Unit Welfare Officer and attended by the other welfare staff to answer any and all questions you may have and to introduce you to the Welfare Team.

Find you what we can do for you, keep up to date with current events and any issues you may have come across or currently dealing with. 

Worth a visit and connect with your community and others who may be new to the site.

Christmas Orienteering

01 Dec 2020

Chicksands Christmas Orienteering


The DITG gym normally runs an annual Christmas charity Turkey Trot and as this year is far from normal, we have put together a very easy, fun, Christmas Orienteering route that is contained within the wire.  


It is aimed and designed for all ages and can be done as a personal challenge or as a family walk. Distance is approx. 4.5km





You will have to collect your map (1 per team) from a table just inside the Gilbertine during the working week, opening hours are on the shared point.  


You will also need your phones on the day you decide to complete the course. Point the camera at the QR code on the door / table, that will bring up your answer sheet online, complete this as you navigate around then submit.


Once you have completed the event at some point during the working week you can collect 1 candy cane per person. Please limit to one per person so there are plenty to go around.


If you choose to complete the route over the Christmas break, then you need to collect a map prior to the 18th Dec and make sure you scan the QR code on the door before you begin.


The challenge starts and finishes at the Christmas tree in front of the Gilbertine.

The Christmas gym elves (Cpl Sutton and Cpl Byrne) have been working hard to make the 10 check points as interesting as possible without being too hard to find. Some of the questions are aimed at adults and some are more for the younger participants.


The welfare team will deal with the issuing of the maps and Candy Canes.

If there are any issues with the markers on the course, please let the PEd team know.


There will be hand sanitizer placed at the Gilbertine which is the start and finish.