If you suspect that you have a gas leak/emergency please ensure you make sure you and your family are safe in a well ventilated area. Also please consider informing the fire services on 999 and the guardroom on 01462 75 2333 if it is dangerous and potential for explosion.

Water Emergencies

0800 707 6000

Gas Emergencies

0800 111 999

Electric Emergencies

0800 707 6000

Remember these are for emergencies only eg. power cuts, gas or

water leaks.


For repairs and general maintenance the first instance is to call the

Amey Help Desk on 0800 707 6000.

Waste Collection

Waste collection from the SFA is on Wednesdays alternative weeks between normal house waste in black bins and recyclable waste in the green bins. 

Food waste is collected weekly, garden waste is collected along with the green recycle bins.

On site, located on the tennis court car park by the road bridge, there is a selection of bottle/glass and clothes banks. Please ensure waste here is placed into the bins and not left outside as this will not be collected.