"Hello! My name is Frank...I know not very scary but a name is a name...anyway! Welcome, I gather you have heard of my Pumpkin Trail, I set this up for Halloween on Chicksands this year.

Me and my friends have decided to come and visit you this year, and challenge you in fun and varying ways. Some are tricks and some a treats, got to make it fair, right? But be aware, some of my friends don't like the living, bit jealous if you ask me!

When you are walking around looking at the fabulous pumpkin displays families have set up this Halloween, keep your eyes peeled for my posters, they are the portals to meeting me and my friends.

Get your sensible and brave grown up to access this portal to the land of the dead on their phones camera and await your challenge.

Be aware, you will have to earn your treats! Some of my friends will be mean others not so mean...but still, pretty scary!

Be safe and most of all have fun...

This is an example of my portals you will see, give it a try!