Unwanted Presents

Continuing to support the Local Charity, Keech Hospice, if you have any unwanted gifts from Christmas then please consider donating them to Keech Hospice. They provide end of life care to adults and children, support their families and have supported families on Chicksands and continue to do so. Feel free to drop them off to the DITG Welfare SNCO in the Gilbertine and a COVID-19 safe delivery can be arranged on mass. Please arrange a time with the Welfare SNCO prior to arrival in order to be COVID-19 safe also, contactable on 01462 75 2112 or email stuart.parker319@mod.gov.uk thank you.


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Mental Health & Wellbeing

If anyone is struggling, especially with the mental health or wellbeing then please do contact the welfare officer on 01462 752175 alan.hatton115@mod.gov.uk who can either advise or signpost to the mo

DIO Accommodation Update

DIO Accommodation have updated COVID-19 guidance for both Service Family Accommodation and Substitute Service Family Accommodation. These guidance notes can be found on this LINK