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Greetings Panto elves, and a Happy New Year to you!!!

A huge thank you to everyone who embraced the BFF Panto Bus online Christmas offering and provided/encouraged feedback. It’s never too late for some more please.

The competition for one lucky youngster to win a free panto visit for your base later this year, and actually take part in the show itself, is still very much alive. If you want to make something of this during Lockdown 27 (or whatever number it is) and give the kids/families something to do then fill your boots. All they need to do to enter the competition (as per the info in the ‘Activity Pack’), is create a pantomime poster and email a picture of it to Alternatively they’re welcome to post it to the British Forces Foundation Facebook page Entries in by the end of January.

Here’s the link to the Activity Pack:

Please contact the DITG Welfare SNCO Sgt Stu Parker on 0162 75 2112 for the password in order to enter - this is purely for serving forces families and as such you will need to provide evidence of your families service in HM Forces.

Thank you


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