Shell Shock Livestream & New Expert Panel

Shell Shock Media are pleased to announce they have received a small grant to be able to run 3 more live sessions on the following dates:

  • 31 Mar 21

  • 15 Apr 21

  • 20 May 21

These are completely free events thanks to the funding, and continue to provide a novel way to engage with the military/veteran community, their families and wider networks through the arts in presenting a film about Tommy Atkins and his return to civvy street after a long service career.

Enhancing the long-term plan to develop social prescribing networks across the UK, they hope this continues to stimulate discussion and garner support. They are also hoping to give a short precis to the NHS Op Courage portfolio of services for the veteran/military community while people are joining prior to the main event.

This time around, as well as the overall focus on mental health and wellbeing, they are also providing a theme for each event.

  1. The first one will be families and carers, to include Jo Jukes and Ripple Pond on the panel.

  2. The second will include the emergency services with panellists Prof Neil Greenberg, Dr Victoria Williamson and Kelly Drewry from the MIND Bluelight Programme. They will also be including moral injury to this session.

  3. The final session will include a theme of LGBTQ+ with Craig and Caroline from Fighting With Pride on the panel.

For more information and free registration, please visit the link below –


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