SFA Issues

If you are experiencing issues with your SFA after reporting to the Amey Help Desk - Please contact the welfare department on 01462752175 between 0900-1530 Mon-Thurs 0900-1500 Fri. Alternatively you can email the UWO or UWSNCO at any time.

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Chicksands Christmas Orienteering

The DITG gym normally runs an annual Christmas charity Turkey Trot and as this year is far from normal, we have put together a very easy, fun, Christmas Orienteering route that is contained within the

Costcutters Christmas Opening Times

December 2020 Sat 19th - Thurs 24th Dec: 1000-1400 Fri 25th Dec Xmas Day: Closed Sat 26th Dec Boxing Day: Closed Sun 27th Dec: Closed Mon 28th Dec: 1000-1700 Tues 29th - Thurs 31st Dec: 1000-1400 Janu