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DIO Accommodation is currently encountering delays in processing compensation claims for missed appointments and failed move ins. This is due to a reduction in staffing because of the COVID-19 situation. Therefore, please be aware that the issuing of vouchers to successful claimants will take longer than usual. In addition, the Compensation Team has been made aware that some individuals have encountered problems when trying to redeem vouchers. If an individual is unable to redeem their voucher they should email the DIO Compensation Team - DIORDAccn-CompTeam@mod.gov.uk - who will investigate and, where necessary, reissue the voucher. In the event this does not resolve the problem, the DIO Compensation Team will work with the provider to reach a satisfactory resolution for those individuals affected.

You will have heard the recent announcements in relation to the easing of Covid-19 restrictions on moving house in England. These create the conditions for people to move house with immediate effect within the private and social housing market sectors if they so wish. This, together with recent TLB announcements on the phased regeneration of Service personnel assignments from 1 July, provides the authority for DIO Accommodation to recommence delivery of a timely SFA allocation and move-in/out service. Further information and Q&A can be found at the gov.uk/SFA website which is below.

Useful links for SFA

All information pertinent for families living in Service Families Accommodation is hosted on the following sites:

Service Family Accommodation - Frequently Asked Questions for the MOD housing community is hosted here.

Defence SFA Homepage


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