Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, if you have to self-isolated or confirmed to have COVID-19 in your home and are requiring house repairs to either essential or non-essential utilities; then please be aware there is a slight change to how Amey will respond to your repair.

You will be promoted when calling 0800 707 6000, however you must inform the call taker you are self-isolated/confirmed as having COVID-19. Amey will attempt to make repairs remotely, if not; then an engineer will attend your address but not enter. If the fault results with your SFA being uninhabitable, then an alternative SFA will be made available until your SFA is repaired; at which point you will return to it.

Please be patient with Amey repairs during the COVID-19 period, as you can appreciate all aspects of the UK are being effected. If you still have any doubts regarding what to do if you are self-isolated, either call the welfare office on 01462752112 or Amey on 08007076000.


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