Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Please use common sense and follow the advise of the NHS and WHO. Do not give in to speculation nor gossip and be typically British and keep calm. If you have concerns about your health then call NHS non-emergency on 111. Do not visit the medical centre if think you may have symptoms of COVID-19; please call ahead on 01462 752163 or NHS 111.

At this moment no welfare house, community room or groups have been cancelled, however this may need to happen in the future, please do not be surprised if this does happen as it will be done when necessary and in the interest of everyones health and well-being. Mitigating actions have be taken in-line with current COVID-19 policy.

Please consider any/all non-critical visits or trips and make alternative plans or post-pone; again being sensible and not going overboard.

If you have any serious concerns or questions on the impact this may have to you as a service family ‘behind-the-wire’ please call the welfare office on 01462 752112

Thank you.


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