Service Families Accommodation

Chicksands boasts some of the best Service Families Accommodation (SFA) in the country, offering housing for any family size or requirements. From 2 to 4 bed houses and a small selection of twin house for larger families, you are sure to be allocated a quarter which fulfils your specific needs.

On this page you will find all you need to know on SFA, from initial applications and move-ins to removals and march-outs.

If you have any queries on SFA, please contact the Welfare teams here...

Amey Defence Services

When you are in a position where you would like to apply for an SFA, whether under entitlement or if you think you are eligible, you will need to firstly make sure you fit the criteria. You can check this via your admin office or by reading JSP 464.

All allocation requests go direct to Amey and they check your criteria to ascertain if you are indeed entitled or eligible. 

To apply for an SFA, you will need to submit the electronic form e1132 via the intranet at work. Please ensure you have your valid assignment order with the reference number in order to complete the form. 

You can contact Amey on their Help Desk by calling 0800 707 6000

or visit their website here...

Once you have been allocated an SFA you will need to ensure you keep yourself up to date during the process, it is a simple one but life can get in the way. 

If you require help whether you are moving in or out, or have some questions; please contact the Welfare team.

You can find some useful guides and information you need for a successful move in or march out here...

Repairs & Fault Reporting

No matter what the fault or issue with your SFA, Amey is the first point of contact. You must inform Amey of any faults in order to arrange the required repairs.

Below you can find the latest and up-to-date fault reporting processes...


When the time comes for you to move out and you are arranging removals, always check with your admin office what you are entitled to before applying for removals.

Once you are ready to arrange removals, you can contact Agility here...

Included on the Agility website is all the information and details you need to conduct a successful move.

If you have any questions or queires regarding your move, please contact the Welfare team.