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DIO Head of Accommodation, Air Cdre Savage has written a blog in which he reflects on DIO’s achievements over the past year despite the pandemic and outlines his priorities for the year ahead. The blog can be viewed here.

Applying for Substitute Accommodation on MODNET

The Substitute Accommodation Team (SAT) is now able to process applications for Service Family Accommodation or Single Living Accommodation on the private rental market as the MODNET issue is now resolved. The SAT aim to clear the backlog of applications by the end of this week.

We apologise for any inconvenience or stress caused by this delay to applications being processed.

If there are any queries on this matter then please email DIORDAccn-SubAccn@mod.gov.uk.

Installation of Electric Vehicle Charge Points (EVCPs) in SFA

DIO remains committed to installing EVCPs in individual SFA. We are also installing a number of EVCPs as part of the Project Speed programme throughout the UK.

The number of EVCPs being installed under Project Speed means that DIO has had to run a full tender exercise in accordance with Government procurement rules. In addition, EVCP installers are required to hold a specific qualification and training for staff is underway. We now expect the EVCP programme in summer 2021.

In the meantime, Amey has kept a record of all requests for installation and will start to contact occupants who expressed an interest from the of end of May 2021 to arrange installation surveys. Any SFA residents who have firm plans to purchase an electric vehicle should register their interest through the NHP Helpdesk.

Please note, if you install an EVCP without requesting approval, you may incur charges when moving out.

Medical Aid International support healthcare in low resource environments. They have a shipment of Oxygen Concentrators which need to be prepared to be sent to India, to help with the Covid crisis currently happening there. To prepare the units they need to be cleaned and stripped of any old markings, new stickers then applied. Med Aid are asking for 4 volunteers who would be able to provide a couple of hours a day to help with this process. I have also looked at the possibility of setting up some evening volunteering for those that may not be able to commit during the day. Please let me know if either of these options are suitable for anyone.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Chris Nicholls in the DITG Welfare office on 01462 752112 or email me at Christopher.nicholls305@mod.gov.uk

Please see flyer below for more details..

Museum activity packs flyer
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